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Featured Organizations

Junior Achievement of San Diego County

Since 1950, Junior Achievement of San Diego County has provided life-changing programs to more than 854,000 youth—in the classroom and after school—to foster an understanding of how the “real world” works. To ensure youth are prepared for their future, JA teaches them how to get a job, start a business and how to manage money.

Mayan Families

Since 2007, Mayan Families has grown exponentially in size and fervor with the mission to ensure the most vulnerable rural communities of Guatemala have access to basic education, health and shelter.

Preemptive Love Coalition

Preemptive Love is a global movement of peacemakers changing the way we engage the world's most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love.

Thought Leaders

Adam Braun

Founder, Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise a for-purpose organization that builds schools, trains teachers and funds scholarships; raised $1.5 million to educate students in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos at their 2016 PoP Gala.

Richard Lawson and Tina Knowles-Lawson

Founders, WACO Theater Center (Los Angeles)

The WACO Theater Center is dedicated to the empowerment of artists within a diversified pool of LA communities. It's founders mission is to create a space Where Art Can Occur. WACO Theater Center, where artists and non-artists alike will be taught to develop their true purpose and awaken their own individual power source which fuels their art.

Arianna Huffington

HuffPost founder/CEO and founder of Thrive Global

Thrive Global’s mission is to change the way we work and live by ending the collective delusion that burnout is a necessary price for success. By reducing stress and exhaustion, we can improve people’s health and increase productivity for both companies and individuals around the world.


Our Story

Founded in 2010, The BGE Network inspires the world by bringing awareness to those that make a difference. With the belief that everyone has a story, the network's mission is to empower others by sharing great stories of change through digital media broadcasting and the power of social media.


Quotes Shared By Some Of Our Most Memorable Guest
Life is a series of linked recoveries, elegantly described in retrospect as a plan.

Hap Klopp

Founder of The North Face and Co-Author of the book “ALMOST"
People are forgetting the basics. In today's society, we need to learn how to be present. We have to start where we are and know that we have the potential to do it.

Pilar Ortiz

Pilar Ortiz Enterprises
On our journey, we start out thinking we are somebody, to only realize that we are not in this big universe. It happens when you connect with those and bring change. Do something different for change. Be a part and make a difference. Share your blessings.

The Ganda Boys

Founders, The Ganda Foundation